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Early Learning development &
 Guidance for toddlers and children

LIFT Early Learning Centre is a Play-based and Reggio Emilia inspired centre. We provide an environment that is safe, caring, respectful and stimulating.

We believe that PLAY is the heart of learning and young children learn best by doing; also, The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education.

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Our mission

Our Mission is to Provide a Safe, Welcoming Environment For Your Child.

We believe children learn best through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.


Our program is designed to meet your child’s needs and to develop his/her physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive well-being.

At LIFT, children acquire knowledge by exploring, experimenting and interacting with the materials and environment around them.

The classroom is designed with various areas of play, including reading areas, puzzle logic game areas, and other sensory-stimulating game areas.


Play activities planned by our educators allow children to naturally develop and have the opportunity to guide their own learning.

Children have the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor play as part of each group’s routine. The outdoor area is an essential part of the learning environment for children.

Our routines allow times for individual play/learning, small group play/learning, and large group sessions. Children’s language and literacy skills are further developed during these times as children are involved in storytelling, drama, poems, and games. Music also plays a large part during these sessions as children are able to experiment with dancing, singing and exercising their bodies.

Infant and Toddler Program

(10 months  - 36 months)

Our small group size provides your infant/toddler with the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with the instructors, as well as their peers. We understand your child has individual needs and we ensure these needs are met.

The infant and toddler program introduces early concepts of the play-based and Reggio Emilia approaches. These philosophies state that children learn best within a loving and social environment. The instructors at our childcare centre understanding this and help stimulate your child, encouraging them to establish a sense of self.

Pre-school Program

(2.5 year-old - 5 years old)

A quality preschool program supports your child to be a competent and capable learner. From birth, your child is developing skills and dispositions that enable them to experience success as a learner in school.

The preschool year cements these skills through play-based learning. Guided by qualified educators, the curriculum builds on children’s interests. This way, we can provide children with a purposeful and engaging program in the year prior to entering formal schooling.

Contact Us

Pre-School Program

(Full day program)

2485 W 20th Ave   

Vancouver, BC 

V6L 1G6

Pre-School Program

(Full day program)

1518 W 68th Ave   

Vancouver, BC 

V6P 2V3

Infant-Toddler Program

4069 W 40th Ave   

Vancouver, BC 

V6N 3B9

Infant-Toddler Program

7768 Heather Street    

Vancouver, BC 

V6P 3R4

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